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      If you are experienced VoIP managerand tired of corporate environment, this is exactly what you need!These are the services we can provide for you:

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      NOC support

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      Dedicated IXC Softswitch and Billing with invoicing support. Advantage: Three times higher profit share compared to market average

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      Automation for your routine processes, Skype bot and google sheets. Advantage: New features can be added in 1-2 days

      Also we are happy to present our wholesale services for carriers

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      Wholesale Routing

      Applying aggregated least cost routing and ACD-based routing, we successfully match demands of big wholesale carriers with aggressive targets as well as quality-focused call shops.

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      Retail/Premium Routing

      It provides only direct non-cli premium mixed (direct cli with non-cli) routes. It is supported with: ACD based routing, ASR based routing, FAS tests, PDD monitoring and RBT.

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      CLI Routing

      Provided only with CLI routes.
      Supported by codec compatibility, voice quality evaluation, rbt monitoring, cli tests, rtp packs losses monitoring.

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      What's new?

      Nevertheless, VoIP market still has lots of opportunities for active, experienced managers, ready to challenge the status quo.


      VoIP market has several problems:

        Managers have not enough power to make custom designed deals (especially, within large corporations) and in most of cases cover expenses, caused by bad managers.
        Traffic appears and disappears very quickly, and existing billing software does not react accordingly. Any customization takes ages...
        Routine tasks consume most of manager's time. No process automation


      We would like to introduce brand new concept called “Boutique for VoIP managers”, a solution that enables a person to run his own telecom business from anywhere:

        IXC Global provides a Softswitch, existing routes/interconnects, billing/NOC service and the absolute freedom. In return for revenue share
        Together with the export of all the traffic data to Google Sheets, we can provide ANY monitoring options including, for example, sending Skype/Telegram messages if traffic appears or disappears. 
        Any customization can be provided in a few days, following your requests.
        With customized Skype Bot we redesigned the way of interaction with the system. Instead of waiting/controlling processes using email (which is hard to monitor), you receive updates and send task in an easy way. 

      You can see for yourself our automated and user friendly billing system:

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      3 Reasons to Work With Us

      Well established on telecom market since 1998

      The most innovative solutions

      Built to automate your work

      We work for you - you keep the profit.

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      About Us

      IXC Global Inc. was incorporated in the State of Florida in 2008.Since its inception, IXC Global Inc. has made significant contribution to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) wholesale markets.
      Oleksii Vynogradov, founder, legendary owner of with 25 years of experience in VoIP. He created third in the world company for soft switch/billing solution, and the first VoIP termination in Ukraine and Moldova.

      The company offers a full range of communication solutions. By integrating high quality products and services we have created the most reliable network for wholesale traffic termination. Since its inception IXC Global Inc. has expanded its presence to more than 80 countries around the world. Our company deploys VoIP projects in Mexico, Panama, Iraq, Ukraine, Israel, Philippines , Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova and many more. 

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        Alex Vinogradov


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        Zenya Bekker

        VoIP Manager

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        Igor Bondar


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        Elena Kusch


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        Pana Vardanyan

        boutique valued manager

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        Laura Anguilar

        boutique valued manager

      Latest News

      May 1, 2010

      IXC Global will attend to ITW 2019

      Our CEO will attend ITW 2019 to present new concept of VoIP boutique service. Contact us to arrange a meeting.


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