IXC VoIP Softswitch Call routing and billing


Softswitch, in IXC’s understanding, is a product for call routing and VoIP traffic accounting. It enables optimization of existing VoIP network or creation of your owne VoIP network.

Optimization of existing VoIP network if an ISP:

  • that runs VoIP to provide customers with additional services, for example with long distance telephony;
  • that runs VoIP to provide customers with possibility to reach one another via VoIP to force migration from Dial-Up to Broadband or DSL access;
  • that runs VoIP to provide remote offices interconnection.

Softswitch is used also by traditional and IP telephony carriers. Product is designed to handle a wide range of tasks and services, without any difference between companies with small or large traffic volumes.

Softswitch allows regular telephony carriers to:

  • ensure network flexibility and redundancy;
  • ensure joint work of equipment of different manufacturers;
  • continue the use of calling number authentication (softswitch supports additional authentification by calling number);
  • keep accounting using both billing systems: internal IXC system and operator’s billing;
  • provide intellectual call routing;
  • use voice compression standard for VoIP calls, to ensure economy of channels usage instead of uncompressed voice transmission via regular DS3 trunks.

Softswitch is used also by resellers in the field of wholesale/retail. In this case the softswitch works as routing solution with integrated billing system.
Typical wholesale business can be arranged by 2-3 persons. High business automation allows to decrease human resources requirements. For example: 2 individuals from USA who bought softswitch for wholesale, sale services of over 2 millions minutes a month.

We recommend to use softswitch for own VoIP network creation for:

  • Traffic resale;
  • Alternative to regular telephony service, offices interconnection, long distance telephony services via analog telephone adapters;
  • Softphone service as independent business or as part of another project, for example for remote offices interconnection.

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