FAS Monitoring

False Answer Supervision (FAS) i one othe most important issues to struggle with at current wholesale market.


Fake FAS service is a service that allows you to earn extra money by mixing fake FAS calls into your real traffic. The service generates the needed carrier service messages and creates the needed billable airtime of your traffic, thus, simulating calls to numbers that are “out of coverage” and providing false billing.

We established FAS monitoring system – time-synchronized platform is able to set-up call between more than 200 mobile, fixed and VoIP operators. All types of False Answer fraud explained above will be detected by accurately measuring the dial/ringing/connect/disconnect timestamps of calls performed.We also analyse voice samples recorded during RTP session. Platform is able to monitor this interconnect fraud in both directions: on calls from you towards other operators and vice versa. Thanks to the information generated by our platform, we can easily detect the affected routes in their traffic and take the necessary steps to solve the problem. This will result in an increased quality of service, customer satisfaction and revenue assurance.