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Uninterrupted flow of service
One of the basic issues in VoIP network management is ensuring continuous operational flow. Our resources and knowledge base in cross sections of industry equipment and models insures exactly that. Reduced interruptions and increased productivity.

Specialized technical support service

IXC Global employs a team of seasoned IT professionals,  VoIP  engineers and software developers.  Our goal is to provide the critical level of assistance required across all aspects and issues in VoIP industry.  We are a true one stop shop for all your VoIP solution needs.

Stop increasing your fixed cost by adding personnel.  Our team can help you in all domains of your VoIP operation.  We have specialist from Db design and implementation to VoIP equipment integration, and network design and consulting.  Our mission is to help you focus on monetization of your business initiative and leave the rest to us.

Our NOC is staffed 24/7.  You have round the clock access to us via phone or e-mail.  We have been helping clients since 2008.  Lets see how we can best help you.  Contact us for assistance.
Service features & performance

  • Immediate Benefits
  • VoIP Equipment Configuration
  • Routing optimization
  • Organized Networks Are Key
  • We’re Here For You 24/7

Effectiveness, simplicity, versatility. We have even more to show you

These features, and more, allow you to delight your clients while keeping operational costs low. By offering excellent service you are now on the way to developing better commercial operations, keep existing customers, generate new ones and attract new business.