IXC Global Inc. was incorporated in the State of Florida in 2008.
Since its inception, IXC Global Inc. has made significant contributions to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) wholesale markets.
The company provides wholesale voice services to Carriers all over the world. IXC Global Inc. deploys the newest VoIP and cellular technologies, terminates traffic to destinations worldwide using its own powerful network, and provides a number of VoIP applications to our partners and customers. By using latest VoIP and cellular technologies IXC Global Inc. provides world class services to our customers.
The company offers a full range of communication solutions. By integrating high quality products and services we have created the most reliable network for wholesale traffic termination. Since its inception IXC Global Inc. has expanded its presence to more than 80 countries around the world. Our company deploys VoIP projects in Mexico, Panama, Iraq, Ukraine, Israel, Philippines , Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova and many more. IXC Global Inc. maintains solid market share and well-established infrastructure in the Middle East, North America and European markets enabling us to provide high quality direct termination to those regions and develop voice projects that improve our network performance.
For additional information contact us at commercial@ixcglobal.com